Arzoa is a Githyanki Psiosword in the employ of the Eighth Son.


Backstory Edit

Arzoa took the worst parts of her race and put them to good use. She teamed up with Datari, and the two became the most formidable assassin duo in the Astral Sea. However, they were exiled when they tried - and failed - to assassinate the High Priest of The Raven Queen. They found themselves in the employ of the Eighth Son soon after.

Campaign Edit

Datari and Arzoa knocked out Laz Ursulus and brought him to the Eighth Son after Eighth Son saw Laz's likeness on a piece of wall from the Temple of the One. When Laz was sent to follow the Sandstriders, Datari and Arzoa checked in on him, using Datari's Astral Mark to track him wherever he went.

While the Sandstriders were gone in the Faewild, Datari and Arzoa assassinated The Mixer, pinning the blame on Elendeil. They continued to monitor Laz until he had his demonmark removed by an expert in Gurno.

The duo returned to Eighth Son and were there when he held his economic conference. The Sandstriders defeated them in battle and dismantled Eighth Son's operations. Datari, Arzoa, and Eighth Son are all currently sitting in prison cells in Stin Cepel.

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