"It's too late...he's here...Cyric."

-Seaorin's final words

The Battle of Broumov was the final battle between the loyalist forces of the Central Continent and the Harbingers of Purity. It ended the Harbinger Coup of Stin Cepel.

Participants Edit

Elves (from Dryadis), Dragonborn (from the D.A.S.), Eladrin (from the Faewild), Half-orcs (from Woestijn), and agents from The Mixer's organization and the Stin Cepel Resistance Movement made up the majority of the loyalist forces.

They fought forces of the Harbingers of Purity, aided by Humans from Woestijn, forces from Vitaurum, and a shipment of mechanical fighters called Warforged, bought from the Dwarves.

The Sandstriders Edit

The Sandstriders first made an appearance in the Foothills region of Stin Cepel in an effort to force the Harbingers to redirect troops there. They then used the Shadowfell Portals to move to the Eastern Reach, where they then marched with the Elves and Eladrin towards the capital.

The Sandstriders' main goal was to make it to the castle and defeat Gramorn and Seaorin - to cut the head off the snake - and to remove the gem from the altar there, to free Jenova. At various points, they fought, stealthed, and bluffed their way through the streets of Broumov. This ultimately ended with the summoning of an illusory dragon which cleared the way for entry into the castle.

When in the castle, they faced down Seaorin in the royal throne room. They eventually defeated and killed him.

Team B Edit

Meanwhile, Team B led now-Queen Vyra through the streets of Broumov. They protected her as she carried the flag of Stin Cepel and rallied her people to her cause. Grun Bloodletter carried her on his back through the streets and over rooftops.

They set up in the square, determined to hold off waves of enemies as the Queen rallied the city. Eventually, Gramorn Duskfell came with his personal contingent of guards. He was slain by Evangeline Krost, who eventually took his job.

Reclamation Edit

The Battle of Broumov proved a decisive victory. The remaining Harbinger forces scattered and Queen Vyra retook her throne. She made a speech announcing the Sandstriders as the "Stin Cepel Seven" and the entire group - along with Team B - as "Reclaimers." She vowed to reunify the country.

Now, every year on the anniversary of the battle, Stin Cepel celebrates "Reclamation Day," a day of patriotism and unity.

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