"He who wields the Blade of Chaos holds the power of the elements in his hand. But take heed: the Blade chooses the swordsman, not the other way around."

The Blade of Chaos is an ancient sword imbued with elemental magics. It is thought to have been forged by the Primordials themselves. After the defeat of the Primordials by the Council of Three, the Blade became lost to time, until McCreedy found it in a cave on the island of Urghoz, tainted by evil. Jenova aided him in removing the evil stain, and McCreedy has wielded the blade from that day forth.

Chamber of the One Edit

During the battle between the Sandstriders and the Four Primordials in the Chamber of the One, the blade absorbed power from the Primordials. When they were defeated, their power was absorbed into the blade and through it, into McCreedy.

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