"May Kord's Justice act swiftly."

Brak, Son of Oog, is a Goliath Warpriest of Kord and serves as Kord's representative to the Coalition War Council. He traveled with the Sandstriders during the events of Episode II: Oasis and Episode III: Awakening.


Brak is, first and foremost, a warrior of Kord. A Goliath raised in the territory of his clan, Ganu, Brak proved himself in competitions and fights time and time again. On his Day of Selection, Brak performed so admirably that he was asked to join the Adventuring Guild, one of the most revered warring parties in all the Seven Goliath Clans, by his mentor.



He traveled around the Eastern Continent, defeating foes and seeing wondrous things, until he got into it with a follower of Cyric who banished him to Vuul’kira, where he met and joined the Sandstriders. He remained a part of the group when they returned to the material plane and traveled through the Underdark, Faedark, and Faewild, and left the group during their infiltration into the Eighth Son's compound.

Astral Civil War and Aftermath Edit

Brak served as a high-level military planner and agent for Kord in the Astral Civil War, which rendered him unavailable to assist the party on many of their adventures and missions. After planning the War Camp Assault, which turned the tide in the war for good, Brak ensured the mechanisms for continued success, and returned to the Eastern Continent. While he wanted to retire in peace, he was convinced by his clan to challenge Nallia Stormwatcher for the position of Kord's Chosen - a fight which he won, becoming leader of the Seven Clans. He died of natural causes - one of the very few Chosen to do so.

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