Cthulu Dark was a side-quest set in the Foothills region of Stin Cepel. It centered around the story of Vyra Winn, a young girl who had gone missing.

Events Edit

A young girl went missing one night, much to the dismay of her parents. They held a town hall meeting the next day; Victor, a brash young man, was convinced it was the group of bandits who had been giving the town problems. The parents were not so sure. A small group - including Ashcan Pete, Mick Reedy, and Glenda, the Bad Witch - agreed to investigate.

Through interviews and exploration, the group figured out that Vyra was a troubled young woman. She left disturbing journal entries that had supernatural psychological effects on the group. They found out that she had been sexually assaulted by Victor, and that the town had done nothing to prevent it.

Eventually, the group tracked Vyra down to Darkmoon Cavern, a cave outside of town. They found her, soaked in blood and cradling the body of Victor in her arms. She was a half-human, half-demon creature who had been tainted by life experience and a Book of Cyric.

The group of three convinced her not to give in to the temptations of the book, and took her away from the village to care for her.

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