Backstory Edit


A changeling with a mysterious past. She doesn’t speak much of her history before becoming an agent of the Grey Council; as a changeling, she literally could have been doing anything, as anyone, at any time. If her employment with the Grey Council gives any clue, her past made her ruthless and angry. Her shapeshifting abilities lent themselves perfectly to the type of “wetwork” the council had her doing. As a team, she and McCreedy eventually got to working as a well-oiled machine, even if they never became personally close. Her only mitigating force was Darnyr, a half-dwarf who worked in an administrative capacity for the Grey Council. Daneida fell in love with him, against all odds. Darnyr played a part in planting the seed that would eventually grow into she and McCreedy both leaving the employ of the Grey Council.

Campaign Edit

Unlike McCreedy, who was able to avoid his Grey Council hit squad, Daneida was not so lucky. She was assassinated, and ended up in Vuul’kira, the Plane of the Unwanted. While there, she joined up with Maron in Oasis, and for a time was one of his Enforcers. Eventually, though, she came to see Maron for what he really was – another Grey Council unto himself, concerned about his own power above all else. She started gathering like-minded individuals to lead protests; they were kicked out of Oasis and decided to create their own colony. Daneida became the de facto leader of this rebel group, bent on a) surviving and b) finding a way to depose Maron.

When the Sandstriders came, Daneida was less than thrilled to see them. Seeing McCreedy dredged up old memories which she may have rather forgotten. Furthermore, her extreme anti-Maron sentiment came into conflict with the party when they decided to make a deal with Maron to create a portal out. She made a backdoor deal with The Professor, and during the Events at the Old Gate, she took his place beside Maron while he hid in the crowd. When he set off his sabotage, she struck Maron, who eventually died.

Daneida made it out of Vuul’kira. She ended up in Vitaurum and reconnected with Darnyr, now the mayor of Shapeir. She has made it her life’s mission to protect him and the work he is doing to transform the political culture in the city and, they hope, in the country as a whole.

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