Drow, or Dark Elves, are one of the three recognized Elven races, created during the Elven Split. Drow were the first to be cast out by the other Elven races, and many of them still harbor resentment towards Wood Elves and Eladrin.


Dre', a Male Drow.

Traits Edit

Drow have dark skin, ranging from grey to blue to purple. Drow can see in the dark. They tend to be more dextrous and more good-looking than other races. They have strong ties to their ancestors and will often pray to them for guidance. Drow tend to live to be 80-120 years old. All Drow follow a Matriarchal heritage, and women have more power in Drow society than men.

Underdark vs. Material Plane Edit

While Drow do share some racial traits, there is a distinct difference between Drow from the Underdark and Drow from the Material Plane. This split was caused by the Underdark Wars and the Shadow Wars, where thousands of Drow fled the rule of Lolth and made their way to the Material Plane.

Underdark Drow Edit

Underdark Drow, overwhelmingly, worship Lolth, the Spider Queen. Because of her strong influence, these Drow tend to revel in violence, deceit, and winning by any means necessary. Underdark Drow are overly militaristic, and many of them can control or even transform into spiders.

Material Plane Drow Edit

Drow from the Material Plane are much different. They are more relaxed and tend to take on the traits of the Humans in Stin Cepel. While some are adventurers or militaristic, many take up lives of farming or mining. They overwhelmingly worship Jenova, the Lady of Shadow, whom they credit with saving them from Lolth's Web.

Drow are also integrated into the royal bloodline of Stin Cepel, due to the marriage of Queen Ana II to Prince Tovyn Illium. There have been other Drow Princes and Queens throughout history.

Wren Volvi

Wren Volvi, a Female Drow.

Harbinger Coup Edit

During the Harbinger Coup, many Drow and partial-Drow were forced to resettle from Stin Cepel to the Lolth-controlled Shadowfell. They were given a choice to worship Lolth or be tortured and die. Many chose the latter. Some of the most heinous crimes in during those times were perpetuated on Drow, by Drow.

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