"There's gold in these enough I don't have to deal with anyone's shit anymore!"

Dwarves are a humanoid race who hail from the Dwarven Nations in the northern portion of the Central Continent.

Traits Edit


Matham, an elderly Male Dwarf.

Dwarves tend to be short and stout. Their males and their females both have beards, and are proud of it. Most dwarves fall into a few professions: tinkerer/inventor/mechanic, miner, trader, or adventurer.

Clans Edit

The Dwarven Nations could just as easily be called the Dwarven Clans. There are three major clans in Dwarven society: Clan Stoneweaver, Clan Ravenshield, and Clan Hammerfell. Beneath these clans is a veritable tangle of smaller clans who owe allegiance to one or more of the Big Three. This leads to a complicated social structure.

Culture Edit

Dwarven culture is very libertarian in nature. Many dwarves grow up dreaming of striking it rich by discovering a new vein of gold or iron ore. Dwarves push innovation and inventiveness and many of the world's biggest technological breakthroughs have come from dwarves. For example, a dwarf invented the crossbow. Matham created the Warforged, the first mechanical beings in recorded history.

Harbinger Coup Edit

The Dwarven Nations came under fire after Reclamation for being accused of supporting the Harbingers of Purity. They sold the newly-invented Warforged to the Harbingers, who used them in the Battle of Broumov to fight loyalist factions. The dwarves say it was just business, and that Harbinger gold was as good as any other; meanwhile, Queen Vyra responded that the Harbingers' gold was stolen and therefore should not have been accepted.

Vyra decided to cut off all ties with the Dwarves and decreed they would not be allowed to travel through Stin Cepel for trade. Dryadis declared a similar measure, as did Woestijn. This left almost no one on the Central Continent willing to trade with the Dwarves, who were forced to make a long, arduous trek through the Volcanus Wastes to even reach a coast where they could trade with Vitaurum. Their trade partners quickly dried up.


Odrik, of Clan Ravenshield.

Shadows of Moonraker Peak and the Planar Stone Edit

At first, the Dwarves thought they would outlast Vyra, who they viewed as a young and impressionable ruler. However, after a few years it became apparent that she would not budge. Finally the Dwarven clans issued a formal apology for their role in the Harbinger Coup, as well as compensating Stin Cepel for the gold they had stolen by accepting it from the Harbingers.

Soon after, Clan Stoneweaver found an ancient artifact called a Planar Stone. They made a deal with Queen Vyra to sell the stone to Stin Cepel, the result of which can be seen in Shadows of Moonraker Peak.

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