In the throes of the Astral Civil War, a group of Coalition agents - Vyseth, Laz Ursulus, McCreedy, and Tolsmir - go on a mission to find the source of the Consortium's Blast Powder.


The Mission Edit

Field Marshal Titus requests the Sandstriders specifically for a high-risk mission. With Quen Sandstrider otherwise engaged, he calls on Vyseth, the Hand of the Devil, to join them. Titus lets the party know where they'll be headed (a volcanus island), what they'll be doing (trying to discover the origin and source of the Blast Powder), and who their contact is (a Dwarven woman named Runa).

The Island Edit

The group arrives at the island and meets with Runa, who tells them she can lead them to where they need to go. However, during their walk, the ground beneath them collapses, and they all fall into a deep cavern - all except Runa.

The group makes its way through the caverns, encountering fire monsters and literal sentient magma. They find some Devils transporting Blast Powder and kill them, as well as spiders that drop from the ceiling.

Eventually, they reach a huge pit/lake/river of magma, which they cross, but not without some difficulty. Faced with the choice to return to the surface (and meet up with Runa) or continue further into the caves (and investigate a strange, low rumbling sound), the group decides on the latter option.

The Titan Edit

The group enters a large cavern with the sounds of a large beast in pain. On a platform in the center of the cavern, they see a huge Fire Titan, and some demons surrounding him and stabbing him with spears. What comes out is not normal blood, but Blast Powder.

What follows is a huge battle between the four Coalition fighters and somewhere between one and two dozen enemies, including teleporting spiders, demons, and a Pit Fiend. After an arduous fight, the group wins out. The Fire Titan, released from his chains, dies in peace...and the volcano begins to erupt. The group escapes to the surface, grabbing Runa and teleporting off the island just in time.

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