Eladrin, or High Elves, are one of the three Elven races created by the Elven Split. They inhabit the Faewild and are responsible for being a neutral party and controlling the Seasonkeeper.

Traits Edit

Eladrin are usually tall - at least in the high 5-feet range - and lithe. They have no pupils or irises in their


Elanwen Diragrion, a Female Eladrin.

eyes. They are overly concerned with hygiene and generally don't like to interact with other races. They can be aloof and arrogant, especially when it comes to matters of knowledge and magic - two of the Eladrin's passions. They live the longest of all Elven races - some Eladrin can live to be over a thousand years old. The oldest Eladrin on record lived to be 1,637 years old.

Eladrin Society Edit

Eladrin society is a complicated maze of rules and social norms. Eladrin parties in particular can seem byzantine and incomprehensible to outsiders, but to those within society, they are an important part of the culture. Most Eladrin frown on interracial relationships - indeed, many of them have a very strong opinion about Eladrin superiority.

The Seasonkeeper and the Faewild Edit

The Eladrin are responsible for the smooth transition of power between the Greater Fae. They do this through use of the Seasonkeeper, an ancient artifact created by powerful Eladrin wizards with help from the Council of Three. Eladrin law demands that all citizens remain neutral in all ways towards the seasons. Even friendship with agents of the seasons, while not outlawed, is frowned upon. Any Eladrin who breaks this neutrality rule - by, say, making a deal with a Greater Fae - is immediately excommunicated from Eladrin society. This is what happened to Pointy.


Teleragus "Pointy" Diragrion, a Male Eladrin.

Roles Edit

Most Eladrin are scholars in one way or another. Many study to become wizards. Some of the most powerful known wizards of history were Eladrin. If one is particularly talented, steadfast, and has the right family name and connections, one can study to become a Transitionist, the most well-respected position in all of Eladrin society. Transitionists are responsible for the use of the Seasonkeeper in the transition of the seasons.

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