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Cyric, having stripped the Council of Three of their divinity and awakened ancient powers, had proven himself strong among the Gods. Many clamored to join him, and to those, he promised power and glory. Cyric’s Consortium – consisting of Bane, Levistus, Malakai, and Melora – had declared war on Kord’s Coalition, which included Lolth, Asmodeus, and Jenova.

Overview Edit

The Sandstriders, having been called to the conflict by Kord, traveled to the Astral Sea using the Tourmaline Turtle. Upon reaching the Astral Sea, the Sandstriders were not greeted by any Gods. They were immediately knocked unconscious by a raging storm, and awoke in a cave, greeted by Eldak, their Dragonborn friend. He convinced them to go further into the cave – which was eventually revealed to be an ancient Temple of Cyric, with pictures of how he came to power. At the end of this temple, Cyric revealed himself to have taken the form of Eldak, and demanded to know where the Temple of the One was. When it became clear the party knew nothing, Cyric stomped off – but not before taking a hit from McCreedy’s Blade of Chaos

The Sandstriders left the cave and joined the Coalition on Kilat, the Island of Kord. From there, they joined the war effort in earnest, participating in important missions while still always searching for the Temple of the One. 

Missions included fending off a sabotage in Kord's war camp; hunting down a false spymaster and using his intel to find an enemy storage facility; hunting down the origins of Cyric in an elemental cave on the Eastern Continent; executing a prison break of Isiri Prison which turned out to be a trap; finding an old Justicar of Bahamut who knew about the Temple of the One; working with the Hand of the Devil to destroy the enemy supply of Blast Powder; and assaulting an enemy War Camp at the crux of the Consortium's supply lines. 

Throughout the Civil War – which lasted two years – the Sandstriders also faced individual trials that tested their moral compass and explored their past. Quen found her Vis'tani clan; McCreedy dealt with some ghosts from his past; Laz made a drunken pact with Asmodeus; and Tolsmir faced the influence of Bane. 

During the War Camp Assault, the Sandstriders discovered the Temple of the One, but not before Cyric did – with the help of Jenova, who he had called his "sister." The Sandstriders overcame the Trials of the Temple and had a showdown with Cyric. This ended when Cyric, Jenova, and Laz disappeared through a rift in spacetime. The Sandstriders followed them through this Astral Rift.

The Sandstriders Edit

  • Quen Sandstrider
  • McCreedy
  • Tolsmir
  • Laz Ursulus

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