Upon entering the Faewild, it is like it’s the Wizard of Oz and the world has just gone from black and white to Technicolor, but it was the remastered 1080p HD version with surround sound, and they pressed the “300%” button on color. It can be overwhelming to those who aren’t expecting it.

The Faewild is ruled by a “rotating presidency” of sorts, between four Greater Fae: Empress of Winter, Spring Prince, Summer King, and Autumn Queen. The very nature of the Feywild changes based on which Greater Fey has control of the realm. During the seasons, not only do the leaves change, the plants change, etc, but the animals themselves completely change. What was once a generally pleasant dog during the summer becomes a vengeful wolf in the winter, because the Empress of Winter would have control over the Faewild, meaning all of it.

Eladrin do not shift in this way, which sets them apart from other Fae, and are generally regarded as a neutral party to the seasons. Eladrin are tasked with keeping the Greater Fae who control each season in check, acting as a neutral party. This is intensely important because the changing of the seasons in the Faewild is linked to the changing of the seasons in the material plane. This is done with the use of the artifact known as the Seasonkeeper.

Travel in the Faewild does not follow "normal" rules. Distances between two points change on a whim; what was a 15 minute trip one day becomes a 2-week journey the next. Cardinal directions hardly exist in the Faewild. It can be very disconcerting to those not acclimated.

From the Faewild, one can access the Material Plane and the Faedark.

The Eladrin city of Moonhold is generally held as the "Capital" of the Faewild.

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