"I hear things...things from the Ghost World."

Gabriel is a young Elven boy in Jeff's resistance cell in post-apocalyptic Seattle. He has the unique ability to connect to the Ghost World without the use of external hardware.

Gabriel's mother died when he was very young, killed in a Mech attack. Jeff took him in and soon discovered his abilities. Jeff discouraged Gabriel from using them, however, believing it would cause nothing but trouble.

Gabriel often has vivid dreams. In one of these, a human named Stacy and an elf named Dalanir helped Jeff's resistance cell hit a Renraku base of operations. So, when the two of them appeared in Seattle with two other magical friends, Gabriel was amazed...and delighted. He took the Sandstriders back to his base, and agreed to help them find information in the Ghost World through Fulcrum, a mysterious digital entity.

In the Ghost World, Gabriel appears as a punky teenage girl in a leather jacket, worn jeans, and a nosering.


Gabriel's Ghost World Avatar

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