The Greater Fae are the collective of demigods who share control of the Faewild and the control of the seasons.

History Edit

Originally, the shifting of seasons was nothing more than a constantly-flowing stream of energy. Over time, though, the energy began to form a consciousness, and then began to split, forming five consciousnesses. Eventually they consciousnesses became the Greater Fae.

Greater Fae Edit

Ystrom Edit

As of now, there are only four Greater Fae in the Faewild. When the energy stream broke into five distinct beings, the Faewild became chaotic. Each one of the seasons vied for power. That is, until Ystrom bent them to his will. Ystrom is the most powerful of the Greater Fae, and by his nature, was tasked with keeping the Faewild unmarred and the transition between seasons smooth. He ruled the rest of the Fae with an iron fist. Eventually, the other four came to an agreement - possibly the only time in their history this has happened - and worked together to banish Ystrom to the Faedark forever.

Eladrin and the Seasonkeeper Edit

After their defeat of the Primordials, the Council of Three were in search of a way to create order in the Material Plane so that creatures could thrive there. Their attention turned to the Faewild, which controlled the weather of the Material Plane. They found the Eladrin there, a neutral party who was just as fed up with the antics of the Greater Fae as the Council. Powerful Eladrin wizards worked with the Council to create the Seasonkeeper.

The Seasonkeeper, to this day, ensures the smooth transition of power between the Greater Fae. In a way, even though they got rid of Ystrom, they never truly rid themselves of what they hated most about him.

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