"They have short, shitty lives. It's probably why they're so insane."

Humans are a race known for their penchant for adventuring and innovating. They make up the majority of the population in Stin Cepel.

Traits Edit


Quen Sandstrider, a Human Female.

Humans have short lifespans - most only live to be between 60 and 80 years old, on average, and many die far younger. Because of their shorter lifespan, other races tend to view them as somewhat childlike and lacking in patience and wisdom. Humans are curious creatures and are driven to greatness by the thought of legacy. Since humans can't live for thousands of years (like Eladrin) or even hundreds of years (like Elves or Dwarves), they leave their mark through heroic (or evil) deeds or innovation. Humans tend to be obsessed with questions of power.

Central Continent Edit

The vast majority of the human population is located on the Central Continent. Most of these are in Stin Cepel, though some claim Woestijn as their home. The history of humans on the Central Continent is long, but really only began being well-recorded after the creation of Stin Cepel by King Victor I. Humans also have a long history in Woestijn, as they were one of the two sides of the Civil War of Woestijn until the relatively recent introduction of Half-orcs.

Culture and Religion Edit

Humans do not have a dominant religion. A plurality follow Jenova due to Stin Cepel's ties with the deity. Humans generally like a good time - life is short, after all.

Interracial Mixing Edit

Robin Stanislov Young

Sir Robin Stanislov, a Human Male.

Humans are far more likely than other races to pursue relationships outside their own race. This may be due to their experimental nature, but some humans also find comfort in the fact that their bloodline has a better chance of surviving since their children may have a longer lifespan than they do. See for example: Half-elf, Half-orc.

Some humans, though, are human purists. This type of philosophy created the Harbingers of Purity and groups like them.

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