"How can it be that the rich drink fine wine and the poor starve on the streets? It cannot be."

Andiel-Jenivieve Andolian

Jenivieve Andolian is the current Matriarch of House Andolian and a Jenova's Witness. Sister of Tyana Andolian.

History Edit

The true first daughter of Eve and Gavyn, Jenivieve never really fit in with the Andolian way of doing things. She was kind, and thoughtful, and sympathetic to the commoners and those who had less. This led to friction with her mother, who was trying to groom her to one day take over stewardship of the Mountains and the matriarch position of House Andolian.

Jeni learned about the Lady of Shadow and became convinced that her life was supposed to take a different path. After witnessing the horrible way her mother treated her people, Jeni knew she could not stay. She made a very public speech to her mother years ago:

I, Jenivieve of House Andolian, the Watchers of the Mountains, the Drow of Moonraker Peak, hereby renounce my family name, my titles, any claim to lands or riches. I give up my family name because you, mother, have perverted its meaning, its history, its power. I have prayed, many a moon, for the Lady to cleanse this name, to help me make you see. But I see now that this is not possible. Over all, I renounce you, mother. I will pray every day for the Lady to curse the name Andolian from here until the end of time.”

  She was thereby banished from the Mountains region, under penalty of death. She carried out the will of Jenova around Stin Cepel, helping the poor and needy.

Shadows of Moonraker Peak Edit

Many years later, Jeni felt the call from Jenova to return to Alagir. She took a pseudonym - Andiel - and began trying to help the poor, who were suffering horribly under her mother's rule. She befriended many of the poor, including Ashcan Pete, an old hobo with a heart of gold and some demon problems. When Ashcan Pete lost control and killed Wren Volvi in an attempt to get food for his young ward, Vyra, Jeni decided to take the blame.

However, she was rescued by a group of mercenaries and her younger sister, Tyana. They escaped Alagir and presented the Queen with evidence of her mother's treason. In a whirlwind of events, Jeni became the new matriarch of House Andolian, where she sits now.

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