"...what are we doing again?"

Laz Ursulus is a drunken Human brawler who spent most of his life in and out of bars in Vitaurum. Recently it's been revealed that he is an Avatar of "The Defender," an entity somehow related to The One. He was a part of the Sandstriders during Episode III: Awakening and Episode IV: Astral Rifts.

Backstory Edit


No one knows much about Laz Ursulus. Sometimes, Laz doesn't remember much about himself. He had a childhood, certainly, but that's all been washed away by ale. No one else cares to ask and Laz doesn't care to tell.

On first, second, and third looks, he looks like any other sad drunk you would see in the streets (or bars) of any city in the world. Raggedy, unkempt, and more than a little bit pungent, Laz doesn’t exactly scream “be my friend,” unless, of course, he’s intoxicated, when he literally does so. Underneath the strong sheen of drunkard, Laz is a highly talented martial artist with what some might say is a supernatural sixth sense. Originally picked out by the Eighth Son, a Vitaurum Crime Boss, Laz was forced to follow and report on the bodies of the Sandstriders when their souls were in Vuul’kira.

Throughout his life, at certain "choke points," Laz would get a supernatural sixth sense. This happened when he first met the Sandstriders and when the group first found the Temple of the One.

Campaign Edit

When their souls returned, Laz joined the Sandstriders, and although they’re not sure exactly how much they like or trust him, he has proved to be a valuable addition. After being hunted by Datari and Arzoa, Laz helped the group to eventually defeat the Eighth Son and take down his criminal empire. During this time, Laz discovered why he was chosen by the Eighth Son: his likeness appears on a chunk of wall rumored to be a part of the Temple of the One, a mythic temple of the God-to-the-Gods.

Laz then joined the party in their efforts in the Astral Civil War, all the while seeking answers. Eventually, he got them, as the party discovered the Temple of the One and saw his likeness drawn all across the walls. They met a statue called the Secretary who referred to Laz as an Avatar of "The Defender."

After completing the three Trials of the Temple and fighting Cyric, Laz was pulled through a rift in spacetime. His whereabouts are unknown.

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