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Legacies of the Void was a D&D 4e campaign following the efforts and antics of Quen and the Sandstriders as they fought against the Void God Cyric. In the final session, there were five participants: four players (Alan, Alex, Ben and Clint) and the GM (Nate).


The Chamber of the One

Episode Synopses Edit

Episode 0: Frozen (prequel)

Episode I: Reclamation

Episode II: Oasis

Episode III: Awakening

Episode IV: Astral Rifts

Episode V: Pilgrimage

Episode VI: Origins


Side-Quests, One-Shots, and Tie-Ins Edit

The Raven and The Spire

The Hogfather

Astral Civil War Edit

Cthulu Dark

Echoes of the Primordials

Shadows of Moonraker Peak

Light of the Moon

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