"That's the thing about ice. You may melt it, but as soon as the temperature drops, there it is again."

Alignment: Evil


Domains: Ice, Deception

Followers: The Legion of the Unchained

Levistus is the Ice Prince of the 7th Hell. Many years ago, he rebelled against Asmodeus and attempted to seize the throne of all the Nine Hells; however, he was betrayed by his so-called allies at the last minute. He was encased in ice and set to rot in his Hell.

He still had loyalists, however, and he used these agents to contact outside forces to work with him. One such example is when he sent a devil to make a deal with Pointy to save his soul, after he'd been killed by the Autumn Queen.

When Cyric stripped the Council of Three of their divinity, he saw a chance to weaken Asmodeus by freeing Levistus. The Ice Prince then joined Cyric's Consortium, with the promise that he would finally achieve his dream of ruling the Nine Hells.

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