The head of a Vis’tani clan that got exiled to Vuul’kira for angering the Council of Three. He made a deal


with Maron where his people got safe harbor in Oasis in exchange for their expeditions into the desert to find Mafari Crystals. While he wasn’t in love with Maron, he didn’t support the rebels either, concerned really only for the safety of his own people.

Linn was leading an expedition that found both Brak Stormbringer and the rest of the Sandstriders, and led them to Oasis for the first time. He set up their first meeting with Maron.

When the Sandstriders turned against Maron, Linn made the choice not to join them, preferring to stay with the "devil he knew." Unfortunately, Linn and his people did not make it out at the Events at the Old Gate.

Firesoul Edit

When the Sandstriders returned to Vuul'kira through a rift in spacetime, they arrived 20 years later. They made contact with The Mixer and her band of Exiles, who traded potent potions to the Genasi in exchange for guarantees of non-aggression. Linn, ever the pragmatist, had begun working for the Genasi, and was tasked with delivering these potions.

The Sandstriders convinced him to deliver a corrupted potion to Sharassa to aid in their attempt to free Rakeesh from the city. He agreed. When Quen removed Vuul'kira from existence, Linn was sent to the Shadowfell.

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