Matham is a Dwarven artificer and the only Dwarf to ever be a part of the Adventuring Guild. He took over the spot of Brak Stormbringer after the Goliath's soul was transported to Vuul'kira.


Backstory Edit

As told in Light of the Moon (LoTV Tie-In Story), Matham is the creator of the Warforged, the metallic warriors sold to the Harbingers of Purity by the Dwarves. He was misled by his cousin, Hilmer, into inventing them, believing they would be used to defend the Dwarven Nations, not sold to a racist organization. When he objected, he was exiled from the Dwarven Nations and thrown on a boat to Lightning Falls in the Seven Clans Region. It was there that he met Kapak and joined the Adventuring Guild.

Light of the Moon Edit

Matham got injured while tinkering with one of his inventions and ended up in the medical tent. It was there that he met Aelis of the Moonleaf, an Elven follower of Melora who had defected to the Coalition. He struck up a friendship with her, sharing some of his own past in an effort to help bring clarity to her situation. He showed her around Kord's encampment on Kilat and introduced her to the Coalition War Council.

Gearbox Edit

Matham is also the inventor of the Gearbox, a semi-sentient magical item that he gifted to the Sandstriders.

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