"The Gods are the past. The Killer of the Divine is the future."

The New Harbingers is the catch-all term used for the various cells of Cyric-supporting activists located around the Material Plane. The group has its roots in the Harbingers of Purity, but unlike the original iteration, the New Harbingers follow and enact the will of Cyric as opposed to a platform based on racial supremacy.

Shadows of Moonraker Peak Edit

One of these cells, led by Cedric Bloodborne and Adlai Daehorn, made a deal with Lady Evemie Andolian. They would wipe out any evidence of the platinum mines of Alagir being dry, and she would allow them to use an old tower in the mountains as a base. They used this tower as a base to steal a Planar Stone from the Goldfoot Mountain Trading Company. They attempted to enact a ritual to open a portal for Consortium use. They were stopped by a group of mercenaries hired by House Andolian.

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