"Faith, family, and horseflesh."

Okam Naxra was a Dragonborn militiaman who traveled with Team B and fought during the Harbinger Coup. He died at the hands of the possessed body of Tolsmir in the Planewalker Mountains.

Backstory Edit


A “family man” through and through, Okam takes his position in dragonborn society very seriously. As soon as he was able, he joined the D.A.S. militia, vowing to protect his family. His training was not without scrapes; during an expedition north, he received a nasty scar fighting a young dragon wyrmling.

Campaign Edit

Okam, with the rest of Team B, played an important role in Reclamation, helping to protect Queen Vyra as she paraded through the streets in the Battle of Broumov.

After Reclamation, Okam received a promotion, as well as the title “Special Liaison to the Queen.” When the Sandstriders were reportedly doing horrible things across the land, Okam joined the team tasked with finding and stopping them. Unfortunately, he was beheaded by fake-Tolsmir before the party came to their senses. An attempted resurrection ritual by Quen failed.

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