Shadows of Moonraker Peak was an adventure that followed the exploits of a group of mercenaries in search of a missing girl. They uncovered more than they bargained for.

Overview Edit

Mountain Background

A group of adventurers pulls into the town of Alagir, looking for work. They visit the local tavern and hear of two possible jobs: from the Goldfoot Mountain Trading Company, about a lost shipment in the mountains, and a mysterious request from the local nobility, House Andolian. The group takes the job from House Andolian, which is to find Tyana Andolian, the heir and only daughter, who has gone missing (or run away).

After some intelligence gathering and the possible murder of a Maester, the group departs for the Planewalker Mountains, in search of Tyana. They come across the lost shipment listed in the previous job and find a clue that leads them to a tower in the mountains, where they think Tyana may be held.

The group infiltrates the tower and finds a New Harbinger cell there, led by Cedric Bloodborne and Adlai Daehorn, who are attempting to open a portal with a Planar Stone, the key component of the aforementioned lost shipment. The group defeats the New Harbingers and discovers Tyana, locked in a cage - and figure out that she is a vampire who ran away from home. After a fight, they decide to offer Tyana the choice to join their gang, which she accepts.

Upon returning to Alagir with the Planar Stone, the town is abuzz with the news that a local Jenova's Witness, Andiel, murdered a well-respected barkeep whom she had a disagreement with. The group figured out that it wasn't true; she was covering for a homeless man named Ashcan Pete, who had lost control of his semi-possessed mind in an effort to steal food. They also discovered Andiel was, in fact, Jenivieve Andolian, the previously disowned elder Andolian sister.

With evidence the group had retrieved about Lady Evemie Andolian's dealings with foreign entities during the war, they traveled to Broumov and delivered the stone - and the news - to Queen Vyra. She then deposed Lady Andolian from the throne and installed her daughter, Jenivieve. The group got rich and everyone was happy.

The Group Edit

The group of mercenaries who achieved this task was:

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