"Most of my race believes that the infliction of pain is the purpose of life, on oneself and others. I seek to change that philosophy."



Treyn, a Male Shadr-Kai.

The Shadr-Kai are a dark race originally native to the Shadowfell. They have a reputation as being one of the nastiest races around due to their penchant for inflicting pain for pleasure.

History Edit

The Shadr-Kai, as a race, are as old as the Shadowfell itself, and indeed many believe they were the first natives. They were present when Lolth overtook the plane, and many of them began worshiping her upon her arrival. It's unknown whether their love of pain came from Lolth, or merely perfectly fit with her philosophy; either way, the Shadr-Kai became violent and pain-obsessed as a culture.

Many Shadr-Kai were killed in the Underdark Wars. Most fought for Lolth, very few fought for Jenova, and some of them attempted to stay above the fray. This usually did not end well for them, which is how a large swath of Shadr-Kai ended up in Vuul'kira, the Plane of the Unwanted.

Traits Edit

Shadar-Kai Female

A Female Shadr-Kai.

Shadr-Kai have purplish skin, similar to that of the Drow. Their eyes are usually in the yellow spectrum. Their stature is similar to Humans, and they have long hair that can be any color from silver to purple to blue. Shadr-Kai style their hair in various ways (very punk-rock) and most have at least two dozen piercings. They delight in pain, S&M, and ritualistic killing. Shadr-Kai normally live to be roughly 200 years old.

One interesting thing about Shadr-Kai is that their culture accepts gender fluidity as a norm. Unlike other societies where such things are at the very least frowned upon, Shadr-Kai exist across the spectrum of sexuality and gender.

Treyn and the Campaign Edit

During Episode II: Oasis, the Sandstriders met Treyn, a Shadr-Kai who had been stuck in Vuul'kira for 500 years (he was one of the casualties of the aforementioned Underdark Wars). Treyn was unlike the rest of his race; he sought inner peace, and wanted to inspire the rest of his people to follow him on that path.

With the help of the Sandstriders, Treyn defeated Albrek, the leader of the Shadr-Kai, in


Albrek, an Androgynous Shadr-Kai.

ritualistic combat and claimed his place. With his new influence, he attempted to set them on a path of peace, a process that was rocky to say the least.

Treyn and the Shadr-Kai provided a base for Daneida's rebels and helped the Sandstriders during the Events at the Old Gate. Some Shadr-Kai made it out of Vuul'kira, but Treyn was not among them.

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