"This temple, of the was too much. I was shown visions there. Visions that ruined my life..."

-Robin Stanislov, "The Platinum Fist"

The Temple of the One is a mythic temple built by the Council of Three to The One. It resides in the underbelly of an island in the Astral Sea - the same island where the Consortium War Camp was set up during the Astral Civil War.

History Edit

When the Council of Three became deities, their consciousnesses were opened. They began to see the universe in new ways, which lead to revelations of earth-shattering magnitude. One of these discoveries was of the Riftspanner - an ancient device which can open rifts in spacetime. The Council soon found out that this artifact was left by The One, the architect of reality. They built the Temple, not only in honor of The One, but as a place to defend the Riftspanner from those who would use it for evil.

Visitors Edit

There have been very few visitors, outside of the Council of Three, to the Temple.

Kett and Zorah visited and were shown visions, of things they "shouldn't have seen."

Famously, Robin Stanislov slay three young dragons after he saw a vision of them growing up to destroy the earth. He was banished from the Church of Bahamut.

Recently, the Void God Cyric, accompanied by Jenova, entered the Temple, in search of the Riftspanner. He was followed by the Sandstriders.

Artwork Edit

Artwork on the walls, which was not painted by the Council but appeared afterward, depicts a singular figure in different attire and situations throughout history. It also depicts this figure in situations never before seen in this reality. The figure pictured looks exactly like Laz Ursulus - a fact not lost on Eighth Son when he somehow acquired a piece of the wall.

Layout Edit

The Temple is broken into five chambers, three of which are home to Trials.

  • The Entry Chamber is home to the Secretary, a statue that records the names of all who wish to undergo the Trials to reach the final chamber.
  • The chamber of Erathis and her trial, focused on freeing a falsely-accused man from prison.
  • The chamber of The Raven Queen and her trial, a grueling trek through a tomb of death.
  • The chamber of Bahamut and his trial, a punishing gauntlet of waves of enemies in a test of might.
  • The Inner Chamber, where the Riftspanner is located on an altar on a raised dais.
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