The Hogfather was an adventure that followed a group of diverse Pixies on their quest to find Elanwen Diragrion's missing wedding ring. It centered around The Hog, a crime boss in the "underworld" of the Faewild, and took place between Episode I: Reclamation and Episode II: Oasis.

Synopsis Edit

Elanwen Diragrion calls over some of her pixie friends to ask a favor. Her wedding ring has been stolen by a rabbit, and she doesn't have the time to get it back on her own. She promises the pixies lots of candy if they agree to help her, which they do, because pixies LOVE CANDY.

They begin by exploring the seedy underground of the Rabbit Hole, the home of the rabbits and some of the most unsavory characters in the Faewild. They interrogate some shopkeepers - some more forcefully than others - and eventually track the ring down to Peter, the infamous Rabbit Thief. After fighting some kung-fu bunnies, they chase down Peter and corner him. He tells them he's already sold the ring - to The Hog, a hedgehog and the biggest crime boss among the small creatures of the Faewild.

The group travels to The Hog's headquarters - inside of a giant tree. They decide to get creative and try to smoke him out. They're successful - they see him wearing the ring on a chain around his neck. A battle ensues where the Pixies defeat the Hog and return the ring to Elanwen. They are heartily rewarded with candy.

Participants Edit

The four Pixies who went on this adventure were:

  • Moth, a stone-cold agent of Autumn
  • Cobweb, a Winter Pixie with serious magical talent
  • Mustardseed, a Warden of the forests of Summer
  • Peaseblossom, a rapping bard of Spring
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