"I abhor violence. But sometimes, in the face of great evil, one must stand up for what one believes in."

Treyn is the leader of the Shadr-Kai in Vuul'kira. He is a deeply thoughtful and philosophical man.

Backstory Edit


Treyn is a peaceful Shadr-Kai, which is sort of an oxymoron. By nature, Shadr-Kai are bloodthirsty and delight in pain, both causing and feeling. In life, Treyn was the same way. The change came when he had 500 years to consider his life in Vuul’kira. He came to the conclusion that peace was the correct path, and sought to change the hearts and minds of his fellow clansmen.

However, when he brought these ideas to them, he was summarily kicked out of the clan by its leader Albrek. Treyn spent much of his time traveling alone through the Shadow Forest, though sometimes he ventured out. He enjoyed woodworking and meditating, and making sure his Ringblade was kept sharp.

Campaign Edit

When the Sandstriders came into the Shadow Forest, Treyn was eager to help – and to get help from them. He took the Sandstriders to his Shadr-Kai encampment and challenged Albrek to a ritualistic combat, which he won. Instead of showing mercy, Treyn realized that Albrek would always be an obstructing force in his journey to change the culture, and he beheaded him outright, becoming the new leader of the Shadr-Kai. He then aided the Sandstriders in retrieving the Violet Gem, one of the Seven Colored Gems needed to open the gate out of Vuul'kira.

He – and the rest of his group – provided a safe haven for the rebels when their base became unsafe to stay in. Treyn, an avid whittler, created a new staff for Quen. In the Events at the Old Gate, Treyn made sure some of his people got out, but stayed behind himself to help fend off the glass monsters and the coming Genasi. He is currently still in Vuul’kira, though whether he lived or died is unknown.

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