Created by the Council of Three thousands of years ago, this plane was meant to be a home to all undesirable souls. It was originally conceived as a prison for the Genasi, servants of the ancient foes of the Gods (the Primordials), but was later used for various people and races, including as a prison for Cyric. The plane itself resembles nighttime in a silver desert wasteland.

Many creatures roam the plane and attack anything in sight, making it dangerous to travel. Until the creation of Oasis, there was no safe harbor for the random souls who ended up here.

The creation of Vuul’kira had many repercussions, some of which even the Gods could not have predicted. For example, a new form of life, the Shardminds, were born from the magics of the plane with the sole purpose of undermining it’s greatest usefulness – a group of prisonbreakers created by the prison itself.

Vuul’kira is essentially a floating desert island – floating in a sea of darkness. It is surrounded by high mountains. The sand in the desert is coarse and grey and lay in gradually sloping dunes. Windstorms and lightning storms are fairly common and usually deadly to any traveler stuck in them. Generally, it is cool and breezy. The only sources of light are the lightning flashes and the various aurorae which populate the sky.

Monsters make their lives in the sand, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting prey; others travel openly around the desert. Roving bandits can also be a problem.

Oasis and the Genasi city in the Elemental Dunes were the only stable settlements in the entire plane. Since the Destruction of the Spire and the Events at the Old Gate, it is unknown whether either of the settlements still stand.

Firesoul Edit

Vuulkira Map Updated

Twenty years after the Events at the Old Gate, the Sandstriders return through a rift in spacetime created by Cyric. The situation is much changed, with the Genasi effectively in control of the plane. They have even built a new stronghold on the ruins of Oasis, called Firesoul.

The Sandstriders, with the help of the Thri-Kreen, infiltrate Firesoul and free their ally Rakeesh, before facing off against Sharassa and disappearing through another Rift.

Aftermath Edit

After the Chamber of the One, McCreedy returns to Vuul'kira with the power of the Four Primordials. He proves himself worthy and claims leadership over the Genasi, who he leads into the Elemental Chaos, their former home.

Vuul'kira as a plane is removed from existence by Quen Sandstrider.

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