"I do not care to hear your excuses. Only your dying breath."

Vyseth is a half-devil in the service of Asmodeus, commonly known as the Hand of the Devil. He worked with the Sandstriders during the Astral Civil War.


Backstory Edit

Vyseth is a child of rape of a devil father and a human mother. He was raised by his mother until he was 13 in Vitaurum; at that point, he had already killed another child with his bare hands, and his mother kicked him out, convinced she would be unable to tame him. He wandered the desert before coming across a band of vagabonds; they tried to take him prisoner, but he killed their leader and, at the age of 16, took over the gang. They traveled the desert pillaging until one day, they came upon a Cult of Asmodeus who proved to be too strong for them. The cult killed all of his companions but took him prisoner, seeing his half-devil roots. They found out that his father is, in fact, Bel, the Prince of the First Hell.

Through prayer and blood magic, the Priests of Asmodeus were able to summon Bel, who promptly killed them for wasting his time. He was, however, struck by his newly-discovered son and decided to take him to the Nine Hells to grow his power. Vyseth’s true identity was kept a secret from Asmodeus for a period of decades – an attempt for Bel to grow him in his power in order to one day overthrow the King of the Nine Hells.

However, Vyseth soon figured out that his father would never be strong enough or enjoy enough support among the other Devil Princes to overthrow Asmodeus, so he outed himself, pledging his allegiance directly to Asmodeus, in opposition to his father. He has since become one of Asmodeus’ most called-upon subordinates, as Vyseth has a well-deserved reputation for ruthless efficiency.

Vyseth almost always walks around wearing an iron mask in the shape of a devil’s face, a red nine-pointed star painted on the front. Some say it is a magical helmet which grants him immortality; others say he wears it for intimidation; yet others claim he wears it because he is ashamed of his half-human heritage, especially around other devils. Though, anyone who has made fun of his appearance has not been alive very long.

His items include his mask, a rod with thorns woven throughout, black chainmail, and a Nine-Pointed Star amulet around his neck.

Campaign Edit

Vyseth served as Asmodeus' representative to the Coalition War Council during the Astral Civil War. He also carried out missions, including working with the Sandstriders on a few occasions, most notably hunting down a false spymaster and destroying the Consortium's supply of Blast Powder (see: Echoes of the Primordials).

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